Welcome to “De Lindenhof”

Welcome to “De Lindenhof”
De Lindenhof has been at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Holland for years.
But Grand Chef Martin Kruithof is also well-known abroad. He has 2 Michelin stars as a proof of his creative talent to cook the most delicious dishes.
This doesn’t mean however that this chef takes a break; he is always looking for new combinations which are of course also a sight for sore eyes.

Hospitality and real enjoyment
Together with his wife Marjan de Jonge and their well-trained team Martin takes care of it that every guest is being spoiled.


How do they do that?
– They stick to the distinctive character of the restaurant
– They maintain an exceptional wine-list and have a cellar with the most fantastic bottles.
There will certainly be a wine to match your food.
– But mainly by serving dishes that stir sensual delights, with a lot of personal attention to your wishes.
– You will feel at home the moment you enter the restaurant.

Martin and Marjan share the same ambition:
Having guests who really enjoy wonderful meals in a home-like place.

At “De Lindenhof” you will feel very welcome. In fact we the think you never felt so welcome anywhere before.

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