Stay the night

Stay the night
Why not, after a carefree evening full of enjoyment, instead of getting into your car and drive home, stay the night with us.
It can easily be arranged. There are 5 senior suites, 4 junior suites and 4 lodge-rooms available at “De Lindenhof” that will make you feel at home.
The suites are spacious and completely equipped with excellent bathrooms, luxurious but decorated warm and home-like.
You will sleep on an Auping box spring bed.
All suites and rooms do have air-conditioning and wifi.
We can put in an extra bed for € 50,– if you would to take your children with you.

Prices per night:
Senior Suite: € 250,–
On Friday’s, Saturday’s and holiday’s € 325,–

Junior Suite: € 150,–
On Friday’s, Saturday’s and holiday’s € 175,–

Lodge-room: € 125,–
On Friday’s, Saturday’s and holiday’s € 150,–

Martins indulging breakfast at € 40,– per person.

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All arrangements made by us are in accordance with the “uniforme voorwaarden Horeca”(UVH)
There is an inspections copy available at our please
The UVH are binding for everyone who makes use of our services.